Instrument Panel

The motorcycle instrument panel has finally been fitted to a motorcycle!

This project was done “for the fun of it”.  I has taken a couple of years but all done “in our spare time”.  A friend designed and built the hardware to my specification and I developed the software.  The panel consists of two rows of LEDs, one for speedometer and one for tachometer, and a alpha-numeric display for all the other functions.

The display has three basic modes:

  1. Road Riding.  In normal riding mode, the display presents speed, time, ambient temperature, odometer, trip distance, daily distance and distance left in the fuel tank as well as the “normal idiot lights” for engine temperature, battery voltage, blinker operation, high-beam and neutral.
  2. Track Riding. In this mode the only “normal” information displayed are the alarms for engine over temperature and low battery voltage.  The rest of the panel displays number of lap completed, current lap time, last lap time and best lap time.
  3. Browsing.  When the bike is resting on its sidestand menus can be browsed using the indicator, horn and high beam button to access a myriad of information.  Full trip history (distance, time, average and maximum speed), lap times for each track riding session, service intervals, setup of date and time etc.


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