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Instrument Panel

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

The motorcycle instrument panel has finally been fitted to a motorcycle! This project was done “for the fun of it”.  I has taken a couple of years but all done “in our spare time”.  A friend designed and built the hardware to my specification and I developed the software.  The panel consists of two rows […]

Automatic Train Protection

Tuesday, December 13th, 1994

After five years WESTECT goes live and it is time for me to go back and do some more study! WESTECT, produced by Westinghouse Rail System Australia, is one of the first continuous Automatic Train Protection (ATP) systems in the world.  Designed in conjunction with and for Queensland Rail for their main coastal route.  ATP […]

Commercial Applications on the “New IBM PC”

Monday, January 1st, 1990

After 5 years working as an Analyst/C Programmer for Pancom Systems Pty Ltd.  I have decided it is time to move onto something more physical. In that time projects included: Development of a cashbook accounting system to run under both CPM and PC-DOS. Modification of an existing client/product management application and underlying database management system […]


Monday, July 1st, 1985

Three years working in the games industry – now it is time for a “real job”! Projects completed for Beam Software Pty Ltd (Melbourne House) : Writing BASIC games, educational and utility programs for inclusion in do-it-yourself and teach-yourself-programming books. Writing books, Dragon BASIC for the Absolute Beginner and Dragon Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner. […]

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